Metro NextGen


METRO NextGen Bus Study
Community Engagement

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority is the second largest transportation company in the world. Currently, Metro is designing a modern, more useful bus network for the first time in 25 years. One of the most important aspects of this overall was to ensure that the community is engaged and informed about the changes. Given that close to 65 percent of the current riders are low income and from underserved communities, Metro contracted a team of ethnic market specialists to implement a multi-dimensional outreach, information and engagement campaign.

YCG is part of this team of experts with a concentration on reaching the African American communities throughout Los Angeles County. This is being accomplished by implementing a series of engagement events, staffing community and civic events and working with leadership on designing stakeholder meetings that target environmental justice, human service agencies, colleges and universities. In addition, the agency is leading a communications team to develop an equity framework for the NextGen Bus Study that addresses how historically underserved communities can achieve greater access to transportation, job opportunities and economic stability.