Who We Are

We are a strategic communications agency known for creating communications strategies to reach the emerging majority populations.

When crisis strikes, when systems change, when culture shifts, we help you respond. We help you bridge the cultural gap.

Our efforts are driven by the pursuit of equity, justice and building better communities.

We are communicators, educators and partners changing the way brands and organizations tell their story. We are creative problem-solvers and change-makers. More than a typical PR firm, we are an extension of your team – and we are here to champion your cause.

What sets us apart?

We listen and observe. We ensure your campaigns are grounded and resonate with your audience.

We foster connection. As community partners, we help you find your voice and create meaningful connections that start conversations.

We value diversity. We create culturally authentic communication strategies that recognize and reach your diverse communities.

Our Vision

That communications will be a positive catalyst to help unite the world by connecting communities and promoting systemic change.

Our Mission

Use strategic communications to help clients reach their objectives, whether it is to increase visibility or motivate change.


After years of working in the corporate PR space, Gwendolyn W. Young realized her passion was calling her elsewhere

In 1991, Gwendolyn established Young Communications Group, Inc. to build an agency that offered a full spectrum of communications and centered on her passion for social justice. The vision was to use communications to build bridges with cultures, communities and organizations that help influence behavior, shape policy and have a positive effect on systems, with an emphasis on eliminating health and economic inequities and disparities.

In 2000, Young earned the service mark for the phrase, emerging majoritysm, which became the foundation of Young’s work.

Focused on developing communications campaigns that reach emerging majority populations (Black/African American, Latinx, Asian, women and LGBTQ+), Young formed strategic collaborations with other agencies to broaden their reach. The heart of our agency then, as today, was to influence behavior, motivate change, advance understanding, and build better communities.