COVID-19 Multimedia Campaign

Los Angeles County Department of Health Services

In December 2020, our nation experienced a “surge upon a surge” in which COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County rose 110 percent higher than they had been in November. ICU’s were being overrun, hospitals were cancelling all non-essential surgeries and ambulances were waiting up to nine hours to get patients into the scarce open rooms at local hospitals. And in the midst of this, people were yearning to honor family traditions, get together and enjoy loving company and warm familiar foods. Yet, that was not the message. The public health message was to stay at home, don’t gather with family and friends and wear a mask.

Young Communications was contracted to implement a robust advertising campaign that had to be developed, messaged and placed in 16 days. Leveraging relationships and experience executing comprehensive campaigns in rapid fashion, YCG placed ads in Black print, radio and on digital news sites.

The campaign exceeded the impressions goals by 25 percent in print and radio and the click throughs by 10 percent. All of this on budget and on time, with culturally authentic messages that resonated with the audience.