Social Marketing

Social Marketing uses typical marketing tools in untypical ways — to inform and help individuals and communities work for their own benefit. While we served as agency for the California Department of Public Health Tobacco Control Section, smoking in California dramatically declined. The California Wellness Foundation’s Get Real About Teen Pregnancy initiative and First 5 Los Angeles’ Best Start program are among the social marketing campaigns we helped create.

Integrated Marketing Communications

At Young Communications, an organization’s communications are viewed in their totality. This integrated approach to communications insures that all messages support brand identity. Young’s holistic approach saves time and money as well. Audiences receive the same strategic messages, whether through public relations, client or donor relations, or advertising to insure the brand is solid and to avoid confusing audiences. Ultimately, this strengthens the organization.

Healthcare and Human Services

The agency has extraordinary healthcare experience due to Young’s background with some of Los Angeles’ foremost hospitals before opening the agency. Since then, Young Communications has added even greater expertise in healthcare by working with other leading hospitals and health and human service agencies, from Barlow Respiratory Hospital to T.H.E. Clinic, Alta Med and L.A. Care Health Plan.


More than fifty percent of Young Communications’ client base is drawn from the not-for-profit arena. The agency understands that nonprofits operate on tight budgets and have no resources to waste. Among those that value the agency’s innovative ideas for raising awareness and attracting supporters with great effect, but little cost, is The Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, whose agency-created annual reports increased donations each year for four years.

Public Education and Emerging Majority Communications

Spurred by its social marketing efforts, Young obtained a service mark for the phrase “emerging majority” to denote African Americans, Latinos, Asian Pacific Islanders, and others who have been forced outside the mainstream until recently. And still suffer the indignity. As an African American-owned agency, Young Communications frequently partners with other agencies to develop outreach to these often hard-to-reach communities to help individuals find their personal power.

Creative Services

As a full-service agency, Young offers clients a complete compliment of communications tools from copywriting to graphic design, from communications audits to presentation skills and media training. In addition to the internal staff, Young is affiliated with several specialty agencies, who partner with the firm to offer such services as fundraising consulting, website development and media buying. Most partners are talented friends and colleagues.


Young’s avid interest in education, as with healthcare, has led to work with leading institutions. The agency has covered the educational gamut from working with a State-run program to recruit teachers, CalTeach, to creating and implementing a marketing program and website for a private school. Young Communications has worked with universities, community colleges and community college students, creating a time limited, but interactive, social media-driven website for students last year.

Corporate Communications

Major corporations, like governmental agencies, turn to Young Communications for expertise in reaching the African American community, statewide or nationally. Nike, Honda, and Union Bank are among corporations that benefited from the agency’s ability to communicate with the emerging majoritysm. Nike turned to Young for help introducing a line of clothes to honor the Negro Baseball League and Union Bank relied on Young to reach out to African Americans during Black History Month.

Organizational Communications

Frequently overlooked by many in the C suite, employee communications and other internal messages are critical to an organization’s success. Young Communications recognizes that employees are among the most effective communicators available to position your organization ahead of others. Employees talk to their friends, family, clients and even strangers about your services and their work. They, and other close stakeholders, need to be well informed, positive and supportive about the organization.